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 Octinium Guide

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=>DvS<= Administrator

Posts : 284
Join date : 2009-08-10

PostSubject: Octinium Guide   Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:32 am


Download Octinium Here

Octinium is regarded as an Anti-Cheat application, it takes screenshots of your windows at irregular (random) intervals and then at the end compiles all of the screenshots of the game into a nice .avi video file for easy reviewing. Therefore logically this Anti-Cheat should eliminate the following cheats/hacks, vcHook3, vcHook4.1, vcHook5.0, vcHook6.3, illuminEYE-1.2, PissoffPlayer, ShootThrough Walls, SeeThroughWalls, WalkThroughWalls, Superjump/fly, Teleport (Arguably), Underground, No Muzzle Flash, Bi-Colours (Skin hack) and anything else that can be visually identified on the screen. If you use this and supply accusers with the .avi video file they will have little or no argument.

When Octinium is extracted to your desired folder, goto that folder and follow the following instructions:

Run the "Run_me_first.exe" - If you have the latest divx installed don't worry about running the Run_me_first.exe

If your don't have Divx installed, or are unsure if it is up to date, install this file. Any prompts you get about not being XP approved etc just click yes, and overwrite any files if asked to.

Double click and open the Octinium.exe file that is in the Directory, it should open the application shown below.

EVERYTIME you run Octinium you will need to do the following!

Go to options then resolutions as shown below

Setting the resolution

The resolution settings is self explanatory, simply set the co-ordinates that correspond to your Vietcong resolution, not your desktop resolution!
640X480 - Left 230 Top 1
800X600 - Left 315 Top 60
1024X768 - Left 430 Top 220
1152X864 - Left 490 Top 260
1280X1024 - Left 550 Top 440 or maybe 550/225
1600X1200 - Left 700 Top 580
1680X1050 use 760/280
A special note is that the resolution co-ordinates WILL NOT be saved!

Click the RECORD Button (circle) just before your join (shown below)

Go and play your Match/Scrim!
· Upon return form the Match/Scrim, you will need to hit the STOP button (a square)
· The AVI will be Labelled with a time and date and will be stored within the Octinium Folder. You should be able to see your crosshair within the AVI, if not you have put in the wrong Resolution Co-ordinates, and should check what you have entered and alter them to the correct Co-Ordinates.

And that's pretty much how you use Octinium
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=>DvS<= Administrator

Posts : 284
Join date : 2009-08-10

PostSubject: Re: Octinium Guide   Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:39 am

This Will come in handy I'm sure.
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Octinium Guide
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