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 {SS}Anderson BANNED

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{SS} Mark
{SS} Clan Member
{SS} Clan Member

Posts : 20
Join date : 2010-01-22

PostSubject: {SS}Anderson BANNED   Mon Mar 22, 2010 1:01 am

Last night in team speak 3 we spoke about the number's needed for the CW with vL. You asked me if i wanted you to find another player and i said yes just in case we are down, Now whilst on team speak i assume you telephoned somebody and the conversation was very similar to the following. You called your brother and said we have a clan war with vL and could he get on and play and told him not to go to hard because they would know he would be hacking and if we knew he was hacking we would know you are hacking too. I questioned you about this asking if i heard correctly and you said NO. What i should have done is told you to leave the server immediately and ban you from the Server, Website and Clan. So if there is going to be a next time while your on the phone talking about hacking make sure you cover your Mic up. I can assure all of {SS} this is not going to happen again as {SS}Anderson is to be removed from {SS} immediately(after he reads this) and his player names and IP will be public displayed though out the Vietcong community. If any member would like to leave comment's please feel free to do so. Hacker's in {SS} will be dealt with in the same manner if caught. {SS}Anderson you are a disgrace to the Vietcong gaming community.

Vl, AUR and DVS is going to have a copy of this post and his IP address.

Known name's and IP is MSG G Gordon, Drogba11CFC and previous clan is SASR.
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Metal Eyes!
=>DvS<= Leader

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Age : 30
Location : Victoria

PostSubject: Re: {SS}Anderson BANNED   Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:19 am

Thank you for the post Mark. Well done also for upholding
your own rules and actively working towards keeping the game clean.

Nice one Mr Anderson.

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{SS}Anderson BANNED
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